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Notes from the Basement


Leaking basement windows and how to fix them.

May 15 2017

Basement window leaks are regularly brought about by missing plastic well covers that keep rain water from seeping in. These plastics are in expensive and certainly well worth the cost. Quite often though there are multiple reasons. 


The most widely encountered reason for a leak at a basement window is the ground slanting in toward the house. 
Make sure the soil next to the wall and the base of the window is sloping away from the house and away from your basement window well. If the water runs toward your house, it will build up against the wall at that point and will probably end up first in your window well and then your basement.  Your window well need to be well drained with gravel at least a foot deep , better all the way down to your weeping tile.  Any water that get into the window well can now drain quickly all the way to the weeping tile which will carry the water away preventing it from entering your basement.  

Creases around window casings may likewise give water access. Caulk these with silicone or polyurethane sealant. 

Another common source of window well leakage is a mulch pile deep around the window. This holds water in the area after a rain and lets it keep the wall moist for a prolonged period of time. Replace the mulch with topsoil and slope away from the home.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of leaky basements in Winnipeg or Selkirk and are looking for a solution or waterproofing your basement in Winnipeg or Selkirk call me at Brown And Sons Construction.  

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