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May 08 2017

In Manitoba there is no certification process for foundation repair.  Anyone can become a “Waterproofing Authority” by deciding to go out and attempt to waterproof.  In an industry with no regulations, customers look to longevity and experience as a guide to quality, on June 24, 2017 Brown and Sons Construction will begin their third decade repairing foundations.  We are a company that specializes in waterproofing and everything associated with the job.  We do it all.

We not only properly repair foundation walls and install water resistant membrane, but we also address damages associated with a leaking basement.  We can straighten and reinforce damaged walls before we waterproof so the foundation repairs last.  We have staff carpenters that can repair interior damage to drywall framing, insulation and we also do mold removal & remediation.     We have experts that work with concrete to repair sidewalks or driveways where are work is being done, We provide proper solutions to the many facets of the repair work that other companies may not be able to provide. 

We work closely with professional landscapers like Selkirk Soil.  We are a one stop waterproofing company.  You don’t stay in business for 20 years unless you provide great service.  Brown and Sons is still here providing reliable, professional, affordable repairs.  A fine product that speaks for itself and that will outlast warranties. 

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