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May 22 2017

Window wells are galvanized corrugated steel that are fastened to areas around the basement windows to help enhance drainage, thus keeping as much water as possible from resting against your basement wall. A properly installed window well directs water into the weeping tiles and out to the city's drainage system and away. 

It helps prevent water building up and overwhelming the window. The area below the window well should be excavated to the footing to expose the weeping tiles. We install a perforated weeping tile vertically running from the top of the hole and connected to the existing weeping tile system. This vertical weeping tile is capped to prevent plugging with debris. We then back fill with 3?4" riverwash to assist drainage with some of the huge wind and rain bursts we have been experiencing over the last few years. When the excavation has exposed the foundation wall below the window, we recommend that area be waterproofed to keep basement dry in the future and give the customer some valuable piece of mind. 

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