Basement Repair in Selkirk and Winnipeg

No matter what the problem with your basement, we have the solution.  Whether it be a structural repair or a foundation crack repair, we have the technology to take care of the problem.

Cracked, heaved and dropped concrete floors and walls can be repaired and/or replaced.

Cracks in the foundation walls are caused by the swelling and shrinking of the surrounding clay around the foundation and under the footing.  Although cracks appear on parts of the wall that is unable to handle the stress of the movement but does not necessarily show where the movement has occurred.  These cracks can shrink and expand as the soil conditions change.  There can also be many small hairline cracks radiating out from the original large crack.  This is why we do not recommend repairing the cracks by filling them from the inside.  This can trap water in the wall which when freezing can open up other cracks and cause further damage.  Most of the time it is recommended that the repair is done from the outside, guarantying that all cracks and voids are waterproofed.  Our experts will determine the best method to repair your original problem.

Brown and Sons Construction has been repairing basements in Selkirk, Winnipeg, Brandon and surrounding areas since 1997. When your basement is leaking and foundation repair is necessary, we can assess the situation, give you an estimate and set your mind at ease. Our crews are all safety trained and have years of experience repairing leaky basements.

 Whether you are getting water in your basement or your crawlspace we have professionals to assess the situation and offer you a solution for your problem. Our excavation is all done by hand so your yard does not get destroyed. The only evidence you will have that we have been there is a dry basement. We use a couple of different methods to stop your basement from leaking. We believe that the best method is excavating from the outside and applying a membrane of fibrated tar with fibreglass mesh embedded in it. We also offer Bakor bluskin as an alternative if the customer prefers. Interior epoxy fixes are also a possibility depending on the extent of the foundation repair required. Our estimator will assess the repair and discuss options with you. Brown and Sons backfills the hole with clean drainrock not clean limestone like some of our competitors. We believe that using crushed stone that has sharp edges is not a good idea as there is a chance that it could puncture the waterproofing membrane. The excavation is either filled to grade with drain rock or if desired by the customer a clay cap is kept to put on top of the drain rock for planting of grass or garden.

No project is too big or small for us. Isolating the crack and excavating a four foot hole or waterproofing your entire foundation. Removing and replacing basement floors, sidewalk repair, removal or replacement. We have raised foundation walls, lifted decks, porches . Whatever your problem is we have trained professionals to deal with it.

We also offer professional landscaping services so whether you just need your grade raised around your house or you have dreamed about a beautiful water fixture in your yard we can make it happen. Rock gardens, natural or granite boulders, retaining walls or ponds and fountains. Our landscaping team has 30 years of experience making your landscaping dreams reality. If you can dream it, we can build it. A dry basement and a beautiful yard with Brown and Sons Construction.

Whether you are located in Selkirk, Winnipeg or any surrounding areas we can give you a free estimate and have your problem assessed and repaired by experts. With free estimates, a fantastic warranty, experienced crew and ethical estimators, Brown and Sons Construction is the waterproofing specialists to call.

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