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Anytime water can penetrate your home, it can lead to costly repairs, not only to your crawlspace foundation but to the home that is resting on the foundations.  Exposure to dangerous gases can also be the result of an exposed crawlspace.

Water can get into many small voids,cracks or ground swell very easily and cause enormous and costly damage that you may not be aware of until much later.  It can weaken your foundation and also encourage mould to take hold.  It is moisture that initiates the coulding process which can be very hard to see in the beginning stages.  THis can degrade and permanently damage the wood structure, drywall, house floor, not to mention your floor joices and main beam.  Many times you can literally smell the musky odor it creates.  This odour and the mould spores created with it will travel through out the home, settling in the kiichen, bathroom, bedroom or any room in the home.  This can cause problems with everything from smell in your clothes to more serious respiratory problem.

Benefits of Crawlspace Repair

Voids, cracks and unsealed crawlspaces, can invite insects such as ants, spiders and rodents such as mice, voles and other small creatures

We recommend total encapulation, sealing out moisture, insects, rodents and any gases that can accumulate in your crawlspace and transfer to your main living area.  This can stop and prevent further damage to your home and family

The liner we use is 15 to 20 mil, depending on individual home needs.  It is a strong polyethylene material, combining high and low density components to ensure a long lasting life.  It will endure crawling on, walking on, storing items on, doing repairs to plumbing, vents and all types of other maintenance.

We have encapsulated crawlspaces for home owners in Winnipeg and many large commercial projects.  We encapsulated the crawlspace under Winnipeg International airport successfully, Approx 75000 sq ft. of crawlspace. This required a 15 mil polyethelene product, passing sealing and compression tests on the first test.  We have completed government building such as the land titles building , Manitoba Housing Authority homes, The tunnels for rapid transit.  Many hospitals, schools, government offices and care homes have been encapsulated already. Get out ahead of the curve. Protect your investment in your home and family.

Brown and Sons Construction, a leader in sealing crawlspaces and foundation repair, invites you to ask for a free estimate. Professional, reliable and affordable services offered.  Our crews are all trained extensively in safety and confined spaces.

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