Basement Waterproofing in Selkirk and Winnipeg

We can solve any seepage problems or basement leaks that your home may have. Guaranteed.

Cracks and other faults or openings in your basement walls can cause water to come into your basement.  The repair can sometimes be localized and the problem solved easily or requiring total excavation of the house.  Whether a 4 foot area, whole wall, or the entire house needs to be excavated our excavation is done by hand not by large machinery so as little of your yard is disturbed.  The project is completed quickly and safely by our experienced and safety trained professionals.  We take pride in the fact that there will be little evidence that the repair has been made.  We use the best, proven methods to repair and waterproof your wall, using only the best materials not the cheapest.  The water in your basement will become a memory.


If you are looking for Waterproofing in Winnipeg or Selkirk, call Brown and Sons today for a free estimate. 

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