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In Manitoba, with the soil content that encourages variable movement of all or part of your foundation, seeping or leaking of water into your basement is all too common and can be expensive in many ways if left unattended.  But not necessarily when it comes to repair of foundations in Winnipeg

A leaking basement can cause damage to flooring, furniture, and anything you may have stored there.  It can cause hard to remove mold, mildew, and the spores and odors that go with them.  Resolving these issues can be very expensive.

Comparing foundation repairs in Winnipeg to the cost of the damage caused by water is really like the old saying " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"  .  What would make foundation repairs expensive is not dealing with problems as they arise.

Foundation & Basement Leak RepairA little bit of maintenance early on goes a long way to preventing costly damage.

Prevent Leaky Basement

There are many ways to deal with basement leaks, depending on the cause of the leak, from the exterior or interior. Many leaky basement repair options are available. 

We are a company that hand digs exterior solutions without the use of damaging machinery.  Many interior solutions are a matter of injections of various products into the leaking area, to clear coat solutions for minor leaking,chipping and/or grouting of the area in question.

All of the products we use, from proper backfill with clean riverwash drain rock(not limestone), to our exterior mastic membranes and interior fixes are proven, reliable solutions that include quality performance products, fine workmanship and a written warranty.

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